Hello! and welcome to my new, in-progress, corner of the internet! My name is Jordan and I like to build things.

This site is another adventure into the JAMstack. Currently it is using 11ty + nunjucks and static data files. I do plan on hooking up a headless CMS... just as soon as I pick one...

About Me

I'm a CSS Engineer and creative front end developer living in Denver, CO and working at Universe Exploration Company. I also volunteer as a Director with my local Women Who Code chapter here in Boulder/Denver. My background in teaching, code, and art gives me a unique perspective and ability to solve and explain complex problems in a clear way. I love everything to do with CSS and rubber duck debugging.

Constantly fueled by my curiosity and passion for knowledge, I like to stay current on going-ons in the web world by attending meetups/conferences, reading, and pursuing continued coursework whenever I can. I believe that teaching something is one of the best ways to ensure mastery, so I jump on any opportunity to do so, including speaking at events and pairing with other developers at work.

Outside of work I like to nerd out on SVG Animations, Animal Crossing (or whatever game I am currently playing), and whatever book I am currently reading. I am a hobby photographer and dabble in various forms of arts and crafts when I have time. I love creating things whether it is in code or in art.

Learning in Public

I want to make a better effort to learn and grow and fail and try again in public. With that in mind, I have started recording and uploading my presentations from Toastmasters, where I go to learn how to be a better public speaker.

Featured Content:

Some of my favorite experiments, projects, and talks.

Fishtank Sketch - Animation

Using Greensock(GSAP) to make it look like my vector line image of a fishtank is being drawn. You can click on the toggle to invert the image, or click the image itself to start the drawing process over.

Dig In On Grid

Originally written for a conference back in 2018, I've been periodically updating and re-presenting this talk at community meetups. While this talk was initially focused on CSS Grid, I have expanded it over time to be more generally about all the tools we have for manipulating layout with CSS. Touches on flexbox, grid, subgrid, and multi-column layout tools.