100 Days of Content

Project started on July 7th, 2019.

Day 0 blog post (#100DaysOfContent) is a good place to start if you want to know more about what this project is.


DayDateContent TypeLinkNotes / Project Summary
004July 12, 2019SVG AnimationsCodePen: BeeFlyTook the SVG I created on day 003 and added a little animation to it. The green short plant shakes a little on load. If you bring your mouse over the plant, a bee flies out and the plant stops shaking. Will be using this as a demo in my talk on Tuesday most likely. Might add a few more parts to the animation over the weekend. Not sure.
003July 10, 2019SVG IllustrationGraphic drawing of a few succulents in a bubble bowlWorked on a SVG of a succulent terrarium to add to the bookcase on my books list page. Want to add a bee that flies out of the bowl and around the page that is triggered by a mouse hover over. Maybe tomorrow's project.
002July 09, 2019Acrylic PaintingLight blue journal with paintings of Peter Pan, a blue Converse shoe, a rocket ship and two planetsDecided that my notebook was too boring and single colored so this seemed like a good excuse to do something about it. Went with a few of my favorite things: Peter Pan, Converse shoes, and Space. It was fun to pull out my acryllic paints again. My gesso seems to have gone totally bad, but rather than go out and replace it, I just painted straight on the cover without any primer type layer. It worked fine for the most part, but I ran into a bit of trouble with some of my mixed colors being too transparent. Took a few layers to make those colors work, but it turned out alright.
001July 08, 2019SlidesTitle slide with title: Animating your portfolio to awesome with Greensock
Slide Deck will be posted early on the 16th.
Built slide deck for animation presentation I am giving at Front End PDX next week. While building this deck I focused on the why as well as just the technical how. I've found that spelling out the why and giving examples of the when can make a technical talk way more intersting.
000July 07, 2019Blog Post#100DaysOfContentKicked off the challenge with a blog post that gathers up some ideas and goals to keep in mind as the days go by.