100 Days of Content

Published by mJordan on July 07, 2019

Last weekend I was at my third Indie Web Camp, which is probably the conference that gives me more new ideas and projects than any other conference or event I attend. At Indie Web Camp I was able to show off my portfolio a lot, and got lots of great feedback and comments. On that note, I decided that it was definitely time to start adding more content to my site, rather than just adding more spiffy stylings. Which brings me to... #100DaysOfContent.

I thought about doing #100DaysOfCode, but realized that I wanted to do more than just write more code. I already write code most days, and if I continue down my current path, my portfolio will eventually be over-stuffed on code. Code is fun, and I have definitely used it to make my portfolio site more interesting, but at the end of the day, content is king. If my site has no content, what is the point?

So today, for the first day, Day0 (because zero-indexing), I am starting with a blog post to collect some of my ideas for this project. Hopefully this can serve as inspiration as the days progress and I start running out of ideas. (Pretty sure the last day will also be a blog post with a write up of the project.)

Project Goals:

  1. Get more consistant about blogging. Because it is a little pathetic that the last time I wrote a post was in January.
  2. Build more silly things. Based off the talk: Make More Pointless Things from Steve Gardner I saw at JAMStack_conf in San Francisco last year.
  3. Learn a new non-tech skill. Because not everything has to revolve around being a web developer.
  4. Re-spark interest in old hobbies that I haven't had time for in a while. Like graphic design, photo-manipulation, photography, painting, sketching, and story writing.

Types of content I want to include:

  • Code tutorials. I've created code school curriculum, but I haven't actually published my own tutorials before. Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon animation I built a while back.
  • Photo Albums. Before I got into web development, I was a photographer. Since moving to Portland and becoming a programmer, I haven't gone out on a single photography trip (4 years!). It would be awesome to go out at least once or twice and create a new album to add to my photography site.
  • Painting. I have several boxes stuffed in the corners of my apartment and under my bed full of art supplies and different types of pain from my art school days. Like photography, this is another hobby I have neglected since moving to Portland.
  • Custom Font. I have been thinking it would be super fun to create my own font.
  • Short Story. Writing is yet another neglected hobby. I used to love writing short stories, but stopped when I graduated highschool for some reason.
  • Technical Talks. Or videos of my talks to go with the slides that I post.
  • Design Layouts. For fake sites. May or may not end up coding them out to challenge my CSS skills.
  • Posters. Design posters for pretend events to refresh my layout and graphic design skills.

Code projects that might sneak in because code can be content too.

  • SVG Animations. I have a few animations on my site that were a lot of fun to draw and then animate. I want to create a few independent illustrations to animate like the "Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon" project.
  • Indie Web Features. I finally got microformats set up with my blog, but I want to add it to all my post types. I also want to add more post types to my site, like notes (that will then get shared out to Twitter), and pictures (that will then get shared out to Instagram).
  • Collection of portfolio building resources.
  • Firefox extension. Because I use Firefox as my main browser and want to learn how to build browser extensions.
  • Rebuild my photography website not on Wordpress.
  • Rebuild my sisters' "The World According to Ally" website since it got hacked and destroyed and was cool so it should be built again.