December 17, 2018


I am currently enjoying learning more about:

  1. Greensock
  2. CSS Animation
  3. SVG


My current passion project is: Portfolio

I have once again started to rebuild my portfolio site. The logic (excuse) this time is that I have a fancy new name so I need a fancy new site to go with it. Part of the new name comes from my switch to using my middle name instead of my first name (see blog for the long story) and part of the new name comes from getting married (a thing I did last week). I am building my portfolio in Gatsby because it is awesome. I am also using Netlify for deployment/hosting and NetlifyCMS for content. I've also put a big focus on creating my own illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and animating them with a combination of CSS Animations and Greensock. It has been a lot of fun to combine all of these different technologies and figuring out how to make them play nicely. I may have to write a blog post (or two) about the process once I finish.


I am a Lead Instructor at Alchemy Code Lab

If you are curious about my work history you can view my resume here.

The first group I co-taught is just starting project week at the end of the sections I teach. It is super cool to see how much they have learnt in such a short period of time. I'll be spending the next few weeks deeply focused on what I want to teach to the next group which I get at the end of January.