December 28, 2018


I am currently enjoying learning more about:

  1. SVG
  2. GreenSock
  3. Gatsby.js


My current passion project is: Portfolio

I am getting so close to being done with the first version of this project. I have a few little performance issues I still need to debug, and like two more pages to write up the code for and then I will be ready to send it out to the world! I have had so much fun with this project and learnt so much! It definitely deepened my understanding of React by pushing Gatsby past the "hello world" stages. It has also been my biggest poke at animations and I can't wait to add more! Most importantly, this project has sparked my interest in a ton of new things that I want to learn about next. Even more: this project has sparked a huge number of notes on potential blog posts I want to write about the process. So now I have a bunch of blog ideas ready to start filling this site up with (hopefully) interesting content!


I am a Front End Web Developer at Searching...

If you are curious about my work history you can view my resume here.

Biggest change from the last update is that I find myself looking for a new position. I am really interested in finding a front end position where I can continue to grow my skills. During my last position, I was reminded how much I enjoy teaching and mentoring, so I want to make sure I still have a place for that where ever I end up next.