February 16, 2019


I am currently enjoying learning more about:

  1. Gatsby
  2. JavaScript Algorithms
  3. New CSS


My current passion project is: Portfolio

I'm getting close to wrapping up version 2 of this new portfolio. I published the first version recently, but was a little hurried so it definitely wasn't my best work. So I am updating styles and cleaning up code. I really love building portfolio sites.


I am a Front End Web Developer at Searching

If you are curious about my work history you can view my resume here.

While job hunting, I have been doing a few freelance projects. Most of them have been converting WordPress Sites into Gatsby sites. It has been a lot of fun and I am learning more about Gatsby every day.

I also recently started a new meetup called "Puppies and Portfolios Hangout Club Thing". So far we have had one meeting, but there is a second one on the books for next weekend (Sunday, February 24). Have a new page in the works with more info on this group coming soon (with portfolio version 2)