Recent Projects

  • Beach Hillel

    Newly built and designed website for the Beach Hillel group. Site is built using Gatsby. Connecting a CMS shortly.

    GitHub Live Site
  • Michelle and Zack Wedding

    I was told to go make a wedding site. So I did, but now the wedding is over and sometimes I get bored so I am continuing to be ridiculous. I built this using Gatsby. I had a lot of fun on this project using gatsby-image to set up the photo albums quickly. I also used styled-components for styling in this project.

    GitHub Live Site
  • Girl Friend Factor

    Girl Friend Factor is a non-profit in Southern California that helps women with educational grants. I designed and rebuilt this website updating the technology from a basic html site to using WordPress to allow for easy updates for the non-technical staff/volunteers.

     Live Site

Technologies I Use:

  • CSS logoCSS
  • Contentful logoContentful
  • Gatsby logoGatsby
  • GreenSock logoGreenSock
  • HTML logoHTML
  • Illustrator logoIllustrator
  • JavaScript logoJavaScript
  • Netlify logoNetlify
  • NetlifyCMS logoNetlifyCMS
  • Node.js logoNode.js
  • Photoshop logoPhotoshop
  • React.js logoReact.js
  • SVG logoSVG
  • Vue.js logoVue.js
  • jQuery logojQuery