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Hello World

I'm Jordan Brady, a creative front end developer, mentor, and community leader working with groups like Women Who Code Portland and PDXNode. I founded a group called Puppies and Portfolios to help new developers build an awesome online presence. I have a great passion for everything CSS and rubber duck debugging. I enjoy speaking at meetups and conferences to share the things I know.

When not coding, I can be found ...

Community Involvement

During summer of 2015 I attended my first tech event: a networking night put on by Women Who Code Portland that introduced me to the wonderful world of meetups. Since then, I have attended numerous different meetups where I learnt a lot, met some amazing humans, and grew out of my comfort zone. I've even started speaking at and organizing my own events.

Puppies and Portfolios

Puppies and Portfolios

  • Founded in early 2019 to create a space for people create awesome portfolio websites.
  • Lead discussions and answer questions about design, content, and code.
  • Bring along my puppies for play breaks (weather permitting)

You can find out more about this group...

Women Who Code Portland

Women Who Code Portland

  • Joined the Leadership team in 2016 after having volunteered at several previous events.
  • Assist with organization for workshops and networking nights.
  • Co-Lead for study nights
    • 2018: Open Source Study Nights
    • 2019: CSS Study Nights
    • Schedule speakers, prepare content to teach, and answer related tech questions.
PDX Node

PDX Node

  • Joined as an organizer in early 2017
  • Enlist speakers for monthly presentation nights
  • Secure funding and venues for all events
  • Engage with members on social media like meetup and twitter to promote events
  • Develop workshops and special events
    • Spearheaded organizing efforts to host a full day International Nodebots event, including enlisting volunteers and mentors, acquiring equipment, coordinating with sponsors, and leading the technical workshop. 2018
    • Hosted special edition of presentation nights as part of OSCON 2018 (Open Source Conference put on by O'Reilly).